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About the Condition

Asian Glow, a name for Alcohol Flush Reaction, is a common genetic, inherited, mutation in an enzyme that is vital for the metabolism of alcohol. The enzyme called aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) is deficient, and the significant decrease in its activity leads to a buildup of acetaldehyde which is a toxic product of the breakdown of alcohol. This mutation is present in anywhere from at least 30% to even 70% of people of East Asian descent. It occurs in around 8% of the world’s population, or 560 million people


People with this syndrome tend to turn red or pink quickly after consuming alcohol. There is a common misconception that turning red is the only consequence of this condition, but in reality, there are various grave health risks associated with it.


Learn more about the health implications of Alcohol Flush Reaction (Asian Glow/Flush) on the Health Risks page.

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