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 I’m Kel-Li Chen, and I’m currently a junior at Henry M. Gunn Senior High School in Palo Alto, California. Thanks for checking out my project! I’ve always been super passionate about social justice and human rights issues, and am a member of my school’s Social Justice Pathway in addition to other justice related activities. I’m especially interested in the more hidden, implicit, and systemic ways in which issues like racism and sexism are present in our society. For my action project as part of the Social Justice Pathway I’ve decided to focus on the presence of racism in healthcare and medicine, and ultimately chose a condition that impacts Asians (especially East Asians) because I’m Taiwanese. Learn more about my why on the "My Why: Racism" page.


In addition to learning about social justice issues and creating impact, I also enjoy dancing (tap is my favorite style), swimming, cooking (and eating :)), travelling, and spending time with my friends and family. Feel free to reach out to me at the contact page! I’d also really appreciate any support to help people obtain genetic tests through the Illuminate page. Again, thank you so much for taking a look at AGlow, I really appreciate it! Play a role in starting the conversation in your own home and community. Stay glowy ;)


-Kelli =D

be kind and remember that you never know other people’s story

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