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How to know if you have it, what to do if you do, and how we can help create a safer and more equal society.

People can figure out if they have Asian Glow by taking a genetic test, since it is a genetically linked condition. 23andMe tests do test for Alcohol Flush Reaction. ALDH-2 deficient patients can get counseling to reduce alcohol intake (though the model minority myth has a negative impact on this) and get screened for cancer (and other issues). 


Education and awareness also plays a huge role in the safety of people with this condition. People, especially teens and college students, face peer pressure to drink. Thus everyone, and especially college health professionals, must be aware and educated. Clinicians also need to be aware of the health risks associated with Alcohol Flush Reaction and drinking in East Asians in order to help their patients and identify issues.


Medical solutions revolve around breaking down acetaldehyde. Patients can be given medication (drugs) like nitroglycerin. Studies have also been conducted around ethanol patches. These alcohol patches are used to restore enzymatic activity to ALDH2. Another solution is cystine tablets which are used to reduce the aldehydic load in the oral cavity and saliva. 

As mentioned on the Health Risks page, people with Asian Glow should not take Tylenol if they drink (negative effects of ALDH2 deficiency are further compounded).

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